When you’ve signed up for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, you’ll need to start planning how to raise the sponsorship and thinking about who to ask for help. Can you arrange a sweepstake at your office or run a collection at your local golf club?

Think about how you can fit your fundraising activities in around your work and other commitments, and explore fun and unusual ways to raise funds. We’re happy to discuss your ideas with you, and offer you whatever support and advice we can.

We have also learnt from experience that the easiest way to go about meeting your fundraising target is to keep things simple, and to break your target into smaller, manageable chunks. It feels less daunting that way, and it’s easier to achieve smaller targets as you go along. Your team’s target is £1,000, or £250 per golfer, so you could achieve your target or beyond, with a selection of the following:

Fundraising ideas Target

  • Donations from friends and family £250
  • Barbecue/garden party at home £60
  • Themed dinner party/cheese and wine party £50
  • Cinema night at home £25
  • Wii games tournament at home £30
  • Sweepstake on the Masters Golf Tournament £30
  • Raffle at your local pub £70
  • Quiz night at your local golf club £150
  • ‘Guess my score’ sweepstake at work £30
  • Sell cake or biscuits at teatime at work £40
  • Matched donation from your employer £500
  • Jumble sale/cake bake at local school/village hall £75
  • Bag pack in your local supermarket £500

Give yourself as much time as possible to achieve your fundraising targets. Start by setting up your online fundraising page. Then make a mini-plan for each of the events you’re planning to run: if you’re sending out emails or letters, you can do this during a tea or lunch break; if you’re going to run a raffle at your golf club, you’ll need to allow time to collect the prizes, get the tickets and plan how you’re going to sell the tickets.

If you need any support or help with fundraising for your event please contact us and we can go through it together. If you’d like to download our sponsorship form, click here.