Making use of Your Old Golf Clubs

Making use of Your Old Golf Clubs

Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone. For those lucky readers who have had new golf clubs this Christmas, you might be wondering what to do with your old ones? Well you could stick them up for sale, hand them down to a relative, donate them to a charity shop… but if they’re poor condition you might want to consider an alternative.

If you like playing around in your shed or garage, there’s a whole range of golf art, furniture and sculpures you could be working on. These are my favourite ways to repurpose old clubs, because they look amazing!

Below are some of the best ideas I’ve seen from across the internet. There’s plenty more you can do with your old clubs so don’t be afraid to come up with something new.

1. Golf Wine Rack

golf Wine Rack

The golf club wine rack is a stylish addition to the kitchen that’s perfect for those who like to unwind with a glass of red after 18 holes (or even 72). This could also make a great unique gift, as it’s something you won’t find in the shops.

2. Golf Club Coat Hanger

Golf coat hanger

If you haven’t grown tired of sawing off the ends of your golf clubs yet, then this is another great addition to your household. Below is an example of a hand crafted oak golf club racks by Amish Wood Plaques, and is the best quality coat hanger of this style that I’ve seen. I get the feeling that they didn’t like playing with a 4 Iron!

3. Golf Club Tables

Golf Club Table

This is probably my favourite of all the repurposed golf clubs. It’s simple to build because you don’t have to break apart the clubs and it looks really stylish. All you need is a couple of pieces of wood to go on either end and you’ve got yourself a fine looking beer table.

4. Golf Club Art

There’s so much incredible art you could make if you put your mind to it, both for indoor and outdoor features. Above is a stunning ball feature, although you probably won’t have enough clubs to make one of these! Below is a more simple but cool idea resembling a chicken. Overall just make sure you have fun and make whatever you like.

Golf Club Bird Art

Tips for Creating Art with Golf Clubs

Some of you might be looking at these creations and wondering how on earth they were made, so we’ve attached some useful resources for you to look at below. You’ll be better welding the metal rather that using superglue, as this is much more durable and reliable. If you’re a newcomer to the world of welding, it’s much easier that you think due to more recent technological advanced with the introduction of MIG and TIG welding. Check out some of the resources below which will help you get up and creating great items with your old golf clubs in no time at all.


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